Camera Gear

aerial stock footage

Sony PMW-F55  4K,  Red Epic W Heluim 8k,PL Lenses or EF, DJI Inspire 2, Ronin, OSMO ,lighting packages, & full crew

Red Helium 8k onset for Hollywood Weapons

We own several cameras – our new fully kitted out cinema support Sony PMW-F55, the DJI #Inspire2 #Drone, Sony A7rii w/ Ronin M, and Pl lenses ranging from 18-35, 30-105, 60-210, and some fast primes 24mm 50mm, 85mm f1.5! Boulder Colorado Production Company !

New Inspire 2 Drone often shoot with the #Red Helium 8k, #Dragon, #Arri Mini, and now #Amira. #Phantom Flex and V12 for ultra high speed  depending on the clients needs.  All our gear is fully equipped and ready to shoot on commercial film set or on the side of a mountain! We own a variety of light kits, from the new Bi-color soft Lite Panels 1×1, Arri kit to Kino Flo to LED HMI Nila Boxer, with a large assortment of grip support from Dana dolly to the OSMO w/X5 camera.