Camera Gear



Sony PMW-F55  4K,  Red Heluim 8k, Sigma Cine Primes & Canon PL Lenses, DJI Inspire 2, Tilta G2X, OSMO ,lighting packages, & full crew

We own several cameras – our new fully kitted out cinema support Sony PMW-F55, the DJI #Inspire2 #Drone, Sony A7rii w/ Tilta G2X Gravity gimbal, and Pl lenses ranging from 18-35, 30-105, 60-210, and some fast primes 24mm 50mm, 85mm f1.5! Boulder Colorado Production Company !

NFL shooting high-speed

Filming @ East Pearl Studios in Boulder, Chimera, Aston Martin Vantage Red Helium & Aston Martin
Chimera F2 @EastPearl Studios @Blacklabsports