The Cove wins @ VH1 Critics Choice Awards

The Cove wins best documentary of the year @ The VH1 Critics Choice Awards




New National Geo Show

Hello all,

Our latest National Geographic Channel documentary, INSIDE COCAINE SUBMARINES premieres this Sunday, January 10th , 8PM MTN TIME on National Geographic Channel.

Filming took place in locations across Colombia and Florida last June, during which time we followed US DEA agents and Colombian police commando ‘Junglas’ as they sought to find and destroy remote drug sub construction sites, jungle cocaine labs — and to interdict drug subs heading north.

In the process, we rode aboard captured drug subs with DEA investigators, went on numerous ‘search and destroy’ missions (on one raid the Blackhawk choppers we were riding were hit by AK-47 fire and knocked out of commission), interviewed FARC ‘narco-terrorist’ operatives, and filmed the capture (and later interviewed) a Colombian drug ‘mule’ in Bogota International Airport with more than 70 capsules of cocaine in his stomach.

For photos, video clips and more information on the program, go to National Geographic’s webpage for INSIDE COCAINE SUBMARINES

News clip with our producer Steve Hoggard