Discovery CH commercial with the new Red Epic camera- shooting @ 300 FPS

the camera handled 300fps very well and captured fantastic images of the glass shattering in slo-motion

I was very impressed with the Red, fast reboot, touch screen controls, removable wireless RCU, pretty slick camera!

tricky lighting conditions, enough lumens for 300fps @ 45 degree shutter but not so much light that is washed the transparent image printed on the glass panes.


New Nike Jordan Spot in the can…

On location in LA with Producers Dallas Barber (DBP Productions) , Jed Mortenson, gaffer Ross Dunkerley, and DP Brook Aitken (Colorado Cameraman /DP). The campaign utilized 2 Red cameras one Phantom Gold and a Super Technocrane. The “Dominate Another Day” campaign features Dwayne Wade and comedian Kevin Hart.


DP Brook Aitken’s New Commercial “Cools Tools Holiday Blitz” featured on DIY Network-

DP/ Colorado Cameraman Brook Aitken’s New Commercial “Cools Tools” featured on DIY Network- produced by Impossible Pictures.


shot on location at the LSI stage in Denver, CO

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Nike/Jordan shoot

Testing out some new gear from Redrock Micro, Aitken sizes up Chris Paul.  The shoot was on a rooftop in downtown LA for Nike/Jordan Brand.
DBP Productions

Featured on the Sony Site….


Aitken shoots new spot for Citizen Pictures “Mega Millions” Colorado Lottery

Brook shoots a series of commercial spots for Cactus Communications and Citizen Pictures- “Mega Millions” Colorado Lottery


Patagonia- a test of gear, patience, and skill…

A 3 week shoot took our crew through the harshest conditions the Patagonia region had to offer. Snow, rain, 60-80mph wind, and long cold days. Thank god for the occasional heli-shoot days!


Academy Award “The Cove” – Brook Aitken -DP

The Oscars: “The Cove” wins best documentary; ”

Colorado DP Cameraman wins Oscar for “The Cove”

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Yellow Scene talks to The Cove Team…

Brook Aitken describes the feeling…


Oscar Nominations – “The Cove” receives a nod from The Academy


The nominees for the 82nd Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, have just been announced and “The Cove” has been nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category.

The film, which documents efforts to stop the dolphin slaughter that goes on at Taiji, Japan features well known Performance Freediving Team members Kirk Krack and Mandy-Rae Cruickshank as part of the Ocean Preservation Society team aiding in the film.

This adds to the many awards and accolades the film has garnered over the past few months and was tipped for an Oscar Nomination after winning Best Documentary at the Critics Choice Awards in January 2010.

The Oscars ceremony is held on Sunday 7th March 2010 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, USA.